Rabbit housing

    Outside- Rabbits need:

  • A 6ft by 4ft housing area with a run permanently attached.

  • Unbroken floor space to exhibit natural behaviour.

  • Places to hide.

  • Things to chew

  • Soft flooring to protect against sore feet.

  • Hay, hay, and more hay!

  • Fox proof

Why do rabbits need so much space?

Rabbits  are ‘crepuscular’ which means they are most active at dawn and dusk. They will only take short naps during the day whilst taking time to eat and can be more active during the night when we are all sleeping.  They need space to be able to exhibit all of their natural behaviours such as running, jumping, digging, standing on their hind legs, layout stretched out and binkying.

     Inside- Rabbits need:

  • A room dedicated to them which is be rabbit proof or a 6ft by 4ft pen in an area of the house with time for free roaming.

  • A 6ft by 4ft run in the garden is required to have some free time. However, if the owners can give the rabbit everything they need (forage etc) inside the home then a garden might not be necessary.

  • Rugs or soft flooring will need to be put down on hard floors to avoid sore feet and slipping.

  • Rabbits main living area should not be in a kitchen, as they are very sensitive to smell.

  • Hay, hay and more hay

What if I already have a hutch?

That’s okay! Your hutch can still be used in your rabbit set up as a extra hiding space. Its important that rabbits are not locked in hutches and have other housing areas to explore which have the unbroken floor space and can give them the opportunity to interact with their environment.

Our experienced staff can help you with this.

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