Rabbit Behaviour

What is my rabbit telling me?

Rabbits communicate through body language and it’s not always easy to read the signs to understand how they are feeling.

A happy rabbit will:

  • Have toys and enrichment
  • Have access to fresh hay 24/7
  • Lots of space to perform natural behaviours
  • Fresh water everyday
  • Multiple hides
  • A home that is safe from predators
  • A bunny friend to love

A good place to start is to look at your rabbit’s ears. If they’re close together, facing upwards and pointing outwards, your rabbit is likely to be relaxed and happy. If they’re worried, their ears will be flattened against their back. You can also look at your rabbit’s eyes and body posture, as well as their behaviour – for example, a rabbit may be anxious if they’re hiding.

Remember, I am a prey species! 

Please keep in mind that rabbits are pray animals and instinctively are more nervous and are always on the look out for danger. Its important to keep stress levels as low as possible such as reducing noise levels at home and only pick up your rabbit when necessary, let them come to you.

An angry rabbit:

  • Could be in pain
  • Needs a vet check and/or medication
  • Doesn’t feel safe
  • Has been over handled
  • Doesn’t want their space invaded
  • May have bad teeth

Always get a vet check!

Remember, rabbits are not aggressive for no reason. If your rabbits behaviour has changed or is shown to be angry or worried, always see your vet and check for pain.

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