Matilda, Minnie, and Maisie

About Me

Name: Matilda, Minnie, and Maisie

Age: 7 months (estimate)

Breed: Multimammate mice

Sex: Females

Ref Number: 40 – 42

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Rehoming – Profile


Matilda, Minnie, and Maisie were brought into our care after being let loose in a fast-food chain with many other mice.

Behaviour observations on site:

Minnie, Matilda, and Maisie are most active during the morning period of the day as they are crepuscular animals so are typically awake during dusk and dawn. This is when we see them displaying their natural behaviours such as digging, burrowing, and tunnelling through their deep layer of bedding.

Due to the nature of their previous home, they’re quite shy when it comes to handling, so you will need to take extra care when it comes to socialising them outside of their cage.

These girls will require a home that is full of enrichment, natural mouse safe toys for them to chew on, tunnels, hides and lots and lots of bedding! Due to them being a fossorial animal (they spend a lot of time underground) they will need this substrate to build tunnels, for them to sleep and play in. They will need to be rehomed in a large glass tank. Sizes can be discussed with staff.

We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the mice. 

Adoption fee: £13.7 for all 3 mice If you would like to make an additional donation over and above the adoption fee, this would be hugely appreciated.

Medical history:

Matilda, Minnie, and Maisie currently have no medical issues.

Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

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