Importance of Neutering

Here at the Ark we spay/castrate all cats, dogs and rabbits before they go to their forever homes. There are many beneficial reasons why we do this and we will be going over those reasons in this blog.

What is neutering?

Neutering is the process of removing the reproductive organs from an animal. This is done under general anaesthetic and your pet should recover quickly. Please ask your vet on the best time to neuter your pet.

Females are spayed which means the womb and ovaries are removed.

Males are castrated which means the testicles are removed.

What are the benefits of neutering your pet?

Neutering your female pet stops them from going into season meaning they wont catch unwanted attention from male dogs and wont get pregnant. Unneutered cats in particular breed without people knowing leading to unwanted litters.

Reduces the risks of infections and cancers such as testicular cancer and pyometra in females (infection in the womb)

Can reduce the risk of theft as people cant use them to breed.

Reduces urine marking and roaming in male dogs and cats.

Female animals can bleed for up to 3 weeks when in season so neutering them will stop them making a mess.

Neutering rabbits can stop fighting between males and females.

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