Guinea pig accommodation

Where can my Guinea pigs live? 

Outside Guinea pigs need: 

A 6ft by 2ft housing area of unbroken floor space (this is suitable for 2 guinea pigs).

A large run, either attached to the housing area or on a separate area of grass to be transported in to.

Places to hide

Things to chew

Soft flooring to be able to protect against sore feet

Hay, hay, and more hay!

Predator proof

Why do guinea pigs need so much space?

Guinea pigs only sleep between 4 and 6 hours per day and only take 15 to 30 minute naps at a time! This means they spend most of their time in the day and at night being active. They need lots of space to explore and exhibit their natural behaviours like running and popcorning!

Inside Guinea pigs need:

A 6ft by 2ft pen with unbroken floor space (this is suitable for 2 guinea pigs), we recommend a C and C pen.

Fleece blankets and soft flooring to avoid sore feet

Hides, tunnels, and things to chew

The guinea pigs main living area should not be in a kitchen as they are sensitive to smells

A large run in the garden to go out in warmer weather

Don’t forget the hay!

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