About Me

Name: Eddie

Age: 6 years 

Breed: Parsons Jack Russell

Sex: Male 

Ref Number: 3 (2021)

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My Personality

Eddie is such a sweet chap and enjoys some affection on his own terms. Eddie has had a very unsettled life and now finds himself back with us here at the shelter for a third time, due to his behaviour. Eddie has complex behaviour issues surrounding handling and has previously bitten in this situation. Eddie is also currently on medication to help with his behaviour, which will need to be continued in the home. Due to this, he is one of our ‘complex’ dogs. 

Eddie loves his toys and is quite typical of his breed so will therefore need a very experienced owner who will be able to manage him well.

He is finding kennels a little bit stressful so we are desperate to find him his forever home ASAP.

Eddie wants to be near people and have company but is fearful when it comes to prolonged affection/handling. This means that on first sight, Eddie may seem to look like a socialable and friendly boy, however adopters must understand that his complex behaviour may not show itself until he is settled at home.

Eddie would benefit from having a quiet corner with a comfy bed where he can be left to settle on his own.

Eddie will need to wear a muzzle at the vets and will need on-going training when it comes to grooming.

Eddie’s new owners must be able to have a hands-off approach with Eddie for several months and understand that handling must be kept to a minimum and on his terms only, in order to build a trusted relationship. New owners must be willing to work with the behaviour team pre and post adoption in order to support this transition for Eddie.  

Eddie loves to play and his favourite toys are squeaky toys! Eddie really enjoys being out in nature and relaxing at home. He will make a great companion for a patient, caring owner looking to make a real difference to a beautiful rescue dog.

We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the dog. 

Cannot be rehomed to Eastleigh or Fareham.

Adoption fee: Minimum donation of £180.

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