Davy Jones

About Me

Name: Davy Jones

Age: Unknown

Breed: Rex Guinea Pig 

Sex: Male

Ref Number: 27

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Rehoming – Profile


Davy Jones was sadly discovered abandoned in a box with two other male guinea pigs near Hundred Acres Wood, Wickham, so we do not have any history for him.

Behaviour observations on site:

Ahoy mateys! Meet The Ark’s very own Ruler of the Seven Seas…

Davy Jones, or “Davy” to his closest friends, didn’t get along with his previous ship mates and so they had to go their separate ways. But he’s now in search of a new motley crew of humans to do his bidding and a goddess of his own to unlock his heart. Could your girlie piggie be the Calypso for our Davy?

Davy is a bold adventurer. He is very active during the day; he likes to explore his cage and to climb on top of his houses and, even sometimes, into his hay rack! He is less self-assured around people though and can be a bit of a scallywag when it comes to handling so we would advise keeping handling brief and positive initially until he becomes more comfortable with it and learns to trust. But the staff have already seen his confidence grow in this area in the short time he has been staying with us and would expect that with some love and patience this legend would make a great addition to the family.

Davy Jones is now ready to give away the key to his heart and unite with his true love.

Davy and his new friend/s will need a 6ft x 2ft enclosure indoors or outdoors (this is for 2 piggies), and we do recommend a run for the garden with a lid.

If you are interested in Davy, please fill in an application form and send in any photos you may have of your set up to help speed up the adoption process. Thank you.

We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the cat. 

Adoption fee: £20 If you would like to make an additional donation over and above the adoption fee, this would be hugely appreciated.

Medical history:

Davy has been castrated.

When Davy initially came into our care, he required cleaning of his ears and anal glands. This may need ongoing monitoring in his new home. He has also suffered a fractured incisor, but this has now fully regrown and causes him no further problems.

Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

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