About Me

Name: Chester 

Age: 5 Years Old

Breed: GSD

Sex: Male

Ref Number: 35

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Rehoming – Profile


Chester came to us through no fault of his own and didn’t have the best start to life. He has lived at the centre for a long time but is now ready to find a forever home.

Behaviour observations on site:

Chester is a big, handsome bear. He absolutely loves his trusted people and greets them very enthusiastically with squeaks, cuddles and toys. He is a very affectionate boy to those he trusts and has bonded with, and he loves to play ball, learn new tricks, splash around in water and have a stroke.

With his trusted handlers he is a truly comfortable, funny, cuddly, loveable character. However Chester can be quite suspicious and reactive around people he doesn’t know that are near his kennel; out on a walk he actively avoids strangers and is happy to ignore people. He does not like to be handled by unfamiliar people, and he benefits from a hands off approach to start with and planned, gradual, well managed introductions until he feels comfortable. Chester has benefited from having a limited number of handlers here at the centre and building good bonds with them but his circle of friends is growing bigger all the time and the time it is taking him to make bonds is shrinking which is amazing. 

He is a big boy, and while he has been doing well with his loose lead training he can still be very strong at times. Chester lives for a tennis ball and while we regulate fetch and don’t let him play too much, it’s a good way for him to bond with new people. Chester enjoys learning new things and has learned lots of tricks here including touch and middle and his recall is also very good! He is very happy on a long line and is fully muzzle trained for the vet and walks out in public. He loves his sniffy walks and would prefer to be walked in quieter areas and have visits to enclosed dog fields. Chester loves the car and barrels straight in and is ready to go!

Chester hasn’t had much chance to socialise with other dogs at the centre but he is quite happy to ignore dogs at distance and will likely only bark at them if they bark first. He has lived with multiple dogs before coming to us.

Chester is typical of the German Shepherd breed with a few more cares to be taken due to his past experiences. He will benefit from an area of the house to call his own where he can relax and be safe.  It would be helpful to have double entry points to the property so he does not have to engage with unknown people. He will need to be shut away in his own room when unfamiliar people come to the house but he is quite relaxed in his own company and will self play and settle with a chew.

His new humans will need to be patient with him and build a solid relationship based on positive associations and trust, taking things at his pace. They will need to have a good understanding of German Shepherds and of body language so they can learn his subtle signs that he is uncomfortable.

Chester is looking for an experienced home and he is looking for someone who will be interested in continuing his training.Chester will need to have access to a private secure garden to mooch about in and an area in the house where he can have his food undisturbed and where he can go to relax and be alone when he needs.

Chester is a joy to spend time with and the relationship is endlessly rewarding as he opens up to you bit by bit.

Adoption fee: £180 If you would like to make an additional donation over and above the adoption fee, this would be hugely appreciated.

We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the dog. 

Medical history:

Chester is neutered, fully vaccinated, flea and wormed.

He has some minor issues around his ears, he is learning to have them cleaned and we are hopeful that when relaxed in a home these will subside.

Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

Additional Information:

Access to a private enclosed garden – 6 foot fenced. Double entry points to the property preferred. Own room essential.

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