Cat Socialiser

The cattery environment can be very scary and stressful for some cats. When a cat is scared they will hide away in one of the ‘hiding boxes’. Some cats are so scared that they will permanently stay in their box and only eat overnight when it is quiet. Through regular socialising, spending a minimum of 20 minutes with each cat, they can be encouraged to come out of their hiding places and become more confident, sociable and eventually rehomed. Lots of the more confident cats enjoy having a good stretch of their legs. 

The Role

Our volunteers help with both our rescue cattery and boarding facilities, they support us by helping with cleaning the accommodation and socialising the cats.

Our Carers will help with cleaning duties first thing and then may also stay to socialise some of our cats, our Socialisers start later in the day once the cleaning has been completed.

You may be also be asked to help with other tasks such as, helping with feeding, washing up, help with preparing enrichment.

You will be expected to volunteer in all weather conditions as our animals need looking after regardless of the conditions outside.  You will be responsible for dressing appropriately as you may sometimes be outside.


Volunteers should be comfortable yet empathetic when handling animals and be able to cope in a sometimes challenging and emotional environment. You should have the ability to follow instruction and complete documents accurately. As a volunteer you will be part of a team but you should also be confident and capable of working unsupervised and often alone. You should also have a keenness to learn and be prepared to attend ongoing training and development. Volunteers should also be willing to support fund raising events and activities

Experience of having worked with cats or owning them is also desirable.


We are seeking volunteers who can make a minimum commitment of 6 months as we only have limited resource for training and support. If you are seeking full time employment or your circumstances are likely to change within this time frame we kindly ask you wait until you know your ongoing availability. You would join a volunteer rota and would need to commit to the same shift/s each week (not including holidays, absences etc.).

Shift times are:

Carer: 8.30am–1pm

Socialiser: 11am-1pm or 1pm-4pm

Application process

Please note submission of an application form is not guaranteed to result in the offer of a role as we only have limited opportunities. Progression will therefore be dependent upon our current vacancies, your availability and in some instances your experience. It may be possible to add your details to our waiting list but if we are unable to offer you an opportunity within six months your details will be removed and you will regrettably need to reapply.

If we are able to progress your application you will need to complete our online health and safety training courses and forms, prior to being invited onsite for a trial induction. You will receive additional hands-on training sessions with our staff and experienced volunteers if necessary after which you will be able to work with the cats independently.

To apply, please complete the volunteer application form below. Unfortunately, we can only accept applications if you are 21 or over and mileage cannot be paid.

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