New Cattery 

We are in desperate need of a new cattery and need your help. Our intake cattery was decommissioned in August 2019 as it no longer met the RSPCA licensing standards. 
To enable us to continue helping cats in need, both from the RSPCA and our local community, the plan is to build two new catteries each costing approximately £400,000. We have raised enough funds to complete Phase 1, which is a 22 block rehoming cattery and are now fundraising to complete Phase 2 which will provide another 22 units.
There are a variety of ways to donate including, text donation, PayPal, direct bank transfer, cheque and via the Just Giving Page set up directly for this campaign.


Kennel Treats

Most of the dogs that come into our care usually have some behavioural problems. The staff work very hard with them and train the dogs using high value training treats, which is a huge part of their rehabilitation.

We also like to find ways to keep them occupied when they are in the kennel environment by providing all kinds of enrichment. When the dogs go out for their daily walk, we like to make it fun by using agility equipment and taking them to our sensory area. Any money donated will go towards training treats, chews, updating our agility equipment and for providing enrichment inside and outside of the kennels.

Small Animal Department Upgrade

Our small animal department provides shelter for many different species of animals including ferrets, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Many of small animal sheds are in desperate need of renovation and we have an ambitious plan to build new aviaries, a new bonding unit for rabbits, update our ferret units and guinea pig pens.

With the small animal department upgrade this will allow us to take in more animals in need and to provide them with even better care until we find their forever homes. But we need your help to do it.

Please support us is any way you can, however big or small by clicking the link below, or visit our donate page to see other ways to make a donation.


Ark Relay

This is an opportunity for the community to take part in some exercise that will contribute to an overall total.  Our goal is to reach Loch Ness from the Stubbington Ark which is a distance of 1000km. 

If you would like to help us reach the 1000km target then get involved! 

Distance – Walk Jog or Run and message us with your distance!
Donate £5 – By texting ARKRELAY to 70085
Nominate – Friends and Family and help support us.