Happy Endings

Sophie & Ted

Rehomed by The Hillary/Wiltshire Family

Since losing our beloved Jack the Labrador after 13 wonderful years we needed to fill the void his passing left in our lives and were thrilled to be able to adopt Sophie & Ted, two adorable Shih Tzu’s. It certainly was “love at first sight!” They settled in with no trouble at all, their sparkling personalities instantly becoming apparent. Ted was confident, inquisitive and greedy for toys and food – soon deciding to bury his Dentastix and other treats in the garden and in his bed! He also stole all of Sophie’s toys when she wasn’t looking! Despite Ted’s “big” personality it’s Sophie who rules the roost. She is less impetuous than Ted and “tolerates” his madcap moments with a resigned air of haughty disregard. She is also the only one of the two to brave the stairs! The picture shows the pair of them in their beds. It’s quite a rarity since Sophie prefers sleeping in the downstairs bedroom and Ted likes to sleep at the very bottom of the stairs – rendering mum’s stairlift inoperable until someone moves him. He does NOT move just because someone wants to use the stairlift! This pair of rascals have certainly embedded themselves into our home and family with ease and brought great joy with them! Thank you to all at the Ark for a) looking after these two so well and b) making the adoption process so easy and straight-forward!

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