Happy Endings

Inigo, Fezzik & Vizzini

Rehomed by LJ & Gareth

We adopted these three rats at the end of November 2018. They were quite shy at first, especially Vizzini, who wouldn’t even let us touch her. But soon they relaxed into their new home and became playful and friendly. At first we made a pen for them to play in, but they are experts at climbing and jumping, so now they have the run of the living room! I have bought them lots of toys and houses, but they always prefer things that aren’t technically theirs – like the laundry basket. They are absolutely adorable and fill our lives with laughter and joy (and we fill theirs with love and treats!). They all love to climb inside your sleeve if you will let them. Fezzik loves to steal bits of paper to build nests and Inigo is trying to convince us to let her explore the rest of the flat by running to the door every time we open it. Vizzini has come so far since we first brought her home and is always jumping into my lap for a cuddle. They are our first pets and adopting them was the best decision we ever made.

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