Feral Cats

About Me

Name: Feral Cats

Age: Various

Breed: Various

Sex: All Neutered

Ref Number: Various

If you have already filled out an application form within the last 6 months, you only need to email: enquiries@rspcasolent.org.uk with your surname, contact number and the name of the animal you are interested in so we can retrieve your previous application form. (We only keep application forms on file for 6 months due to GDPR requirements).

If you have not applied to adopt an animal from us before, please click the Application Form button below and fill out the online form. Please make sure once you have completed it to click “Submit” and it will be automatically sent to us.

If you would rather be sent an application form to fill out please email: enquiries@rspcasolent.org.uk and we will send you one. Or please pop into the shelter to fill one out in person.

Due to the high number of applications we receive daily,
regrettably we will only be able to contact the successful applicant.

My Personality

(photos are of our own shelter cats)

We have several individual feral cats looking for a stable yard / farm / outbuilding type of life. They will be great mousers if you have a problem with vermin! 

All our feral cats are health checked, neutered, microchipped and ear tipped (this is where between half and one cm of the tip of the left ear is removed under anesthetic. This serves as a permanent visual mark from a distance to show the cat has been neutered and to prevent the cat being trapped again).

Once all the above has been completed, we then look for new homes. We are looking for homes such as a stables/outbuildings that the cat can settle in for 2 to 3 weeks, for the new owner to be able to provide a bed up high, litter trays and daily food and water. After this period the cat can be released but the new owner should always provide food, especially in the winter,  even though many feral cats are very resourceful and find adequate food they still need fresh cat food and water to be provided. 

If you are interested please fill in the application form and a member of the cattery will be in contact.

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