Fostering a cat

Fostering is an important role. It helps play a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and allows them to build on their confidence. Living with a foster family provides them with one-to-one care away from the animal centre, whilst preparing for their new homes.

The role of a fosterer

  • provide a safe and loving home for your foster cat (or cats) for a few days up to a few months
  • taking care of their day-to-day needs (feeding them, changing their litter tray, cleaning their living space, making sure they have fresh water, socialising them and grooming them)
  • giving them any medication they need and attending any vet appointments, which could be weekly
  • attending monthly health checks at the centre 
  • providing us with lots of pictures and information about your foster cat so we can match them with the perfect forever home

What do I need to be a fosterer?

  • be able to give enough time – this can vary depending on the cat/kittens
  • either own your home or have written permission to have cats in the property 
  • be 21 years or older
  • ideally have experience of caring for cats 
  • have a good-sized spare room in your house just for your foster cat, equipment/food can be provided by the centre
  • You will need access to a vehicle to transport the cat to the vet and other appointments if needed.

If you have other pets, you’ll need to keep them away from your foster cat and have them all vaccinated.

Reasons for fostering

  • Some cats don’t cope well in an animal centre environment 
  • need to remain in our care for a long period of time whilst legal proceedings take place
  • medical reasons
  • pregnant mum’s and kittens or abandoned kittens 

If you are interested in becoming a fosterer, please complete the application form below. This will be held on a database until a foster home is required. Please be aware we don’t always have cats needing a foster home.

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